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Top 10 Best Drones Under 500 – Reviews and Buyer Guide 2020

Best Drones Under 500 Overview:

Some people think drones usually come in two categories, the first one is toys that are fun and others come with fully stocked HD cameras, long-range radio controllers, and GPS. But spending too much will not make any difference so why go high when you have the best drones under 500 that will give you reliable, incredible technology combined budget-friendly options. 

Today drones under $500 price range have become quite famous because more than 3.5 million users using them for fun, capturing their precious moments, and for adventures.

If you think you are one of those enthusiasts who always bargain on a budget getting the best deal on drones, then you might want to change your minds and go thought this post completely that you appreciate.

What exactly are drones?

For those of you who don’t know that drones are also known as aerial vehicles or aircraft that can use navigated with the help of a human pilot without on board.

These drones can be controlled from the ground using a GPS tracking system. Some of the drones come with cameras and allow a user to take pictures and record videos using navigation.

The usage of drones depends on the purpose of a professional level or just flies them as a hobby. 

They are the perfect high-tech occupied gadgets that you can use according to your skill levels. 

10 Best Drones Under 500 You Can Choose:

Drones are certainly packed with many useful features and capable of great performance. They are designed to fill the gaps between point to point with a fast transition.

Are you ready to find out the perfect mid-range drones in the market? Just read the comprehensive reviews to ensure you are getting a gem that not only suits your pocket but also proves better in every way possible.

Without any further ado let’s dive into our top list of drones,

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1) DJI MAVIC mini drone fly-cam quadcopter:

Snap adapter, two-way charging hub, and less battery consumption

best drones under 500

The DJI MAVIC mini drone is a game-changer that brings amazing performance, foldable design, and long term working battery. 

This drone is consumer-friendly and have comes with high-quality video resolution and stability. Also, you will get to see a leading flight range point and extremely easy to carry around your backpack. 

The MAVIC drone certainly deserves all the praise in the world because it comes under a $500 price range that gives you so much more. 

It is great for filming outdoor events, holidays, or Vlogging. It comes with obstacle detection, and GPS assisted hover that can be updated through software. 

This model has everything to give you a true experience from beginners to experts thanks to a dedicated remote controller that adds portability.

The DJI MAVIC mini drone presents top-class specifications with an impressive flight time around 40 to 50 minutes. The camera supports a three-axis motorized gimbal and a fitted 3.4-inch sensor.

It offers video capturing quality of HD resolution of 1080p with 30 frames per second and 12MP images quality. 

The drone can also transmit live videos in real-time 0 latency. This is the only drone with superb FPV experience you can get under your budget.

Key features:

  • Offer intelligent flight battery
  • RC cable for connector
  • Gimbals protector
  • Small size yet powerful
  • Allows you to transform any moment into work of art
  • Allows you to enjoy 1 hour of video capturing
  • Operates on Android 7.0
  • Supports a 2.7k quad HD resolution with superior camera stability
  • Ultra-smooth footage
  • Quick shot mode
Pros Cons
Stable and precise The package does not contain a spare battery
Very easy to fly
Smoother motion for cinematic footage
Class-leading specs
Integrated altitude limit

Users score: 4.5/5

2) RUKO F11 4K quadcopter UHD live video GPA pro drone:

3D obstacle detection, compact, and gesture control

No matter if you want to shoot a short film, capture any sports footage, or for a road trip adventure RUKO F11 4K UHD drone is the excellent product you can get.

This camera has a special lighting filter that allows users to capture even in nights, it is easy to fly and control thanks to its slick design.

You will get to see lights on the legs and transmitter range length is up to 1,000 feet. The battery of this drone lasts over for 40 minutes allowing you to capture aerial photography and videography perfectly.

This one is a top budget option that comes under 500 prices and comes with the capabilities of 1700 meters. If you are a fan of long distances then you will love this model as it will safely fly past to any eyesight and still be safe thanks to auto-return feature.

The drone has a 3-speed mode and adjustable 4K camera that will make you even more excited about getting this one.

The camera quality is arguably the main thing users with a strong GPS that makes it even easier than kids can fly it on their own.

Another promising feature you will come across is the ability to move around objects and get complex shots without worrying about charging.

Key features:

  • 4K photo and picture quality
  • 40 minutes of maximum flight time
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible and foldable
  • Offers max HD transmission
  • Level 7 wind resistance
  • Intelligent flight
  • Modular batteries
  • Strong and stable GPS hold function
  • Carrying case
  • Brushless motor
  • Headless mode
  • 10hz live video coverage
Pros Cons
Easy controls Long charging time
Travel-friendly case
Return home mode
VIO technology
Smart obstacle avoidance

 Users score: 4.6/5

3) SIMREX X11 upgraded GPS with 2-axis self-stabilizing Drone:

Hands-free hovering, altitude hold, and stabilization Gimbals

If you haven’t heard of SIMREX X11 upgraded drone then you have been missing out an incredible drone that comes with high-quality specs, durability, and loaded with unlimited cool features.

This drone comes with an autopilot mode that allows users of any age to grab onto it and fly as long as they want to. It is so much easy that someone with little experience will enjoy flying it. 

You can take a drone with you to any place and capture nature’s vast landscape better than its viewable quality. There is a horizontal angle shooting with follow me mode that lets you take it professional images as long as you can.

The range of this drone is 700m which is quite impressive with its long battery life and flight mode. You will be happy to know that this flying product can be in your range with a safety touch button.

The other functions are quite awesome as it can access for beginners and flown it in a quick time that comes with a remote control system.

It is also very important to mention the camera usage that can capture both 720, 1080p and beyond whether you are filing, taking photos you are bound to impress with it beautiful shots in every way possible.

Key features:

  • Offers trajectory flight mode
  • LCD screen display
  • Low power protection
  • Circumvent model
  • GPS assisted flight
  • One-touch take-off landing
  • Emergency stop button
  • Provides accurate positioning details
  • 1080p HD adjustable camera 
  • Allows you to enjoy aerial pictures 
  • Headless mode makes controlling easier
  • Ultra-long flying time with a battery capacity of 3250 MAH
Pros Cons
Fantastic camera The 700m range is a bit low
Very long battery life Fragile blade guards
GPS integration
Affordable and catchy price
Perfect set of autonomous specs

Users score: 4.4/5

4) HOBBYTIGER H301S live video camera ranger drone:

First-person view, superior battery design, and altitude position hold

If you truly want to feel like you are in the air, then choosing a HOBBYTIGER ranger drone is one of the best drones under 500 you can choose without having second thoughts.

It is a great option that allows you to film while feeling you are in the sky. There are many amazing features this drone brings with it, that even kids and adults will find a good time using it.

This drone is perfect for night time with equipped 8 GB micro-SD card that lets you capture a seamless precision in a whole new way.

There is a first-person view that you can connect with your phones and will receive a control mechanism. This drone is very safe to fly and can be taken into any direction the way you want it.

The control distance goes up to a fascinating 2.5km and is ideal for flying to any open space with more than 30 minutes time frame.

The camera can be changed into small, medium or large pixels for aerial photography. The 5G enabled cameras shooting give a full HD live stream with 60 frames per second.

This drone’s 3 axis stabilizer produces a crystal clear image with an obstacle avoidance sensor. The safety features will enable you to safely land without having too much burden on the motor.

Key features:

  • Enjoy GPS assisted flights
  • Accurate positioning details
  • Return to home function
  • Can follow weak signals for out of range places
  • The optimized and adjustable 120-degree FPV camera
  • Built-in WI-FI
  • Enjoy real-time viewing from smartphones
  • Capture and store images 
  • One key take-off
  • Automatically follows and more where you go
  • Good for vacation, and holidays
  • Provides hands-free flying
  • Comes with user manual guide and a transmitter
Pros Cons
HD camera for high-quality images and videos Remote control lacks basic functionality
LED lighting for night flights Shorter battery life
Provides extensive flight experience
Perfect for adults and kids
Comes under $500 price mark

Users score: 4.7/5

5) HUBSAN X4 H501SS pro version FPV GPS RC drone:

Great orbiting, max flight time, and flip around 360 degrees

best drones under 500

If you are looking for a drone but don’t want to spend too much money, then there is a great option waiting for you in form of HUBSAN X4 pro version drone that comes with endless features but also suits your pocket as well.

This drone is everything you can expect from it, with HDR and function and professional video and photo users will be left stunned with its performance.

You want a wireless transmission with a remote-controlled drone that is incredibly easy and multi-motored then model perhaps can meet all your expectations. 

Once you get your hands on this drone you will 4 distinctive options in flying mode and you can fly it on both day and night without worrying about the charge.

One benefit that will make it unique in terms of working is the ability to follow you thanks to hovering flight mode that takes the fun to a whole new level.

Key features:

  • Allows you to capture HD quality videos and pictures
  • Max flight time is 25 minutes with a range of 400 meters
  • 4.5 inch LCD screen to make live videos in FPV mode
  • Controls cannot be interrupted once set on signals
  • The battery has great juice
  • Quick take off from any point
  • Headless mode
  • Top-class altitude position mode
  • Failsafe function button
  • Budget-friendly
Pros Cons
Offers 3 different flight modes Lacks a fine stabilized Gimbals
Offers 3 different flight modes No longer flight plan function
Small design Complex remote control buttons
Extra battery

Users score: 4.3/5

6) CHEERWING wing SYMA X5SW V3 WI-FI quadcopter drone:

Wi-Fi camera, colorful flashing light, and anti-shake footage


The CHEERWING SYMA X5SW drone is a distinct advantage that brings astounding execution, foldable plan, and long haul working battery. 

It has an automaton with zero breaking policy and has accompanied top-notch video goals and dependability. 

Additionally, you will find a workable pace driving flight go point and very simple to around your pocket.

The drone surely merits all the commendation on the market since it goes under 500 value gives you a great deal more. 

It is extraordinary for recording open-air environments, or any other occasions. It accompanies obstruction identification, and GPS helped drift that can be refreshed through programming. 

This model has everything to give you a genuine encounter from novices to specialists on account of a committed remote controller that includes transportability. 

The smaller than normal 360 degree presents top-class determination with a noteworthy flight time around 20 minutes. The camera underpins a three pivot mechanized gimbals and a fitted 3.4-inch sensor. 

It offers video catching nature of HD goals of 1080p with 60 FPS and 16MP pictures quality. 

The drone is an automaton that can likewise transmit live recordings progressively dormancy. This is the main with wonderful FPV experience you can get a new perspective of videos and photos.

Key features: 

  • LC filter
  • Gimbals defender 
  • 6 axis GYRO
  • Small size yet incredible 
  • Allows you to change any minute into a show-stopper 
  • Allows you to appreciate 1 hour of video catching 
  • Supports a 5.3k quad HD goals with unrivaled camera steadiness 
  • Ultra-smooth film 
  • Gesture cutter control
Pros Cons
Perfect action and wonderful performance Does not come with a charger
Powerful racing drone No view on RC
Smoother movement for artistic film
Integrated elevation limit
Highly customized

Users score: 4.0/5 

7) SIMREX X900 foldable FPV altitude hold drone:

Optical flow positioning, 3D flips axis, and high capacity modular battery

simrex x900 best drones

You need to shoot a film, catch any memorable scene, or for adventures experience, SIMREX X900 foldable drone is the brilliant item you can get with breaking any sweat online.

This camera has a unique lighting channel that permits you to catch even in the evenings, it is anything but difficult to fly and control because of its smooth plan. 

You will find a workable pace on the legs and transmitter run length is up to 1,200 feet. The battery of this automaton keeps going over for 40 minutes permitting you to catch elevated photography flawlessly. 

This one is a top spending choice that goes under reasonable costs and accompanies the capacities of 800m.

You can go of a long separation, at that point you will adore this model as it will securely flypast to any vision and still be protected gratitude to auto-bring highlight back. 

The automaton has 3-speed modes and flexible 3-speed mode camera that will make you much progressively amped up for getting this one. 

The camera quality is seemingly the primary concern clients with a solid GPS framework that makes it considerably simpler that children can fly it all alone. 

Another promising component you will run over is the capacity to move around objects and get mind-blowing shots without stressing overcharging. 

Key features: 

  • Picture quality is crisp thanks to 30-degree FPV
  • Easy to work 
  • Vibration dampening mechanism
  • Flexible and foldable 
  • Offers max HD transmission 
  • Intelligent flight 
  • Modular batteries 
  • Strong and stable GPS hold work 
  • Carrying case 
  • Brushless engine 
  • Headless mode 
  • F3 flight controller
Pros Cons
Travel agreeable case Unreliable flight pattern
Fast and quick response light
Return home mode
Innovative design
True racing drone
Smart evasion

Users score: 4.4/5 

8) HUBSAN-ZINO with 4K UHD camera pro drone:

Panorama photography, Orbiting, and image tracking function

hubsan zino best drones

If you haven’t known about HUBSAN ZINO pro drone, at that point you have been passing up a great opportunity a superb and quality drone that accompanies excellent specs, sturdiness and stacked with boundless cool highlights you will appreciate.

This model accompanies an autopilot mode that permits clients of all ages to take hold of it and flies as long as they need to. It is such a lot of simple that somebody with short term experience will appreciate flying it. 

You can take 4K UHD pictures with you to wherever and catch the nature’s immense scene superior to its perceptible quality. 

There is a flat point shooting with tail me mode that lets you accept it proficient pictures as long as you can. 

The scope of this automaton is 1400m which is very amazing with its long battery life and flight mode. You will be glad to realize that this flying item can be in your range with a wellbeing contact button. 

Different capacities are very amazing as it can open for amateurs and flown it in a brisk opportunity that accompanies remote control functionality. 

It is additionally critical to refer to the camera use that can catch both 720, 1080p and past whether you are recording, with visionary auxiliary landing taking photographs you will undoubtedly intrigue with it delightful shots inside and out. 

Key features: 

  • Offers direction flight mode 
  • Detachable filter
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Low power assurance 
  • GPS flights
  • One ignites take landing 
  • Emergency stop button 
  • Provides exact situating subtleties 
  • 1080p HD movable camera 
  • Allows you to appreciate airborne pictures 
  • Headless mode makes controlling simpler 
  • Ultra-long flying time with battery limit of 3500 MAH 
  • Enjoy 1-year warranty 
Pros Cons
Very long battery life No Altitude hold feature
Can easily fly against the wind
GPS with long-range
Affordable and snappy cost
Perfect set of self-sufficient specs

Users score: 4.3/5 

9) SIMREX X300C RC quadcopter mini drone:

Foldable design, dual sense control, and 110-degree angle FPV camera

quadcopter mini drones

you genuinely need to feel like you are noticeable all around the world or during your traveling, at that point picking SIMREX X300C RC mini drone is probably the best drones under 500 you can pick without reconsidering. 

It is an incredible alternative that permits you to shoot while feeling you are in the sky. There are many astounding highlights this automaton carries with it, that even children and grown-ups will discover great time utilizing it. 

This drone is ideal for evening time with a prepared SD card that lets you catch a consistent accuracy in an entirely different manner. 

There is a first-person view that you can associate with your eyes and will get a control system. 

This automaton is exceptionally sheltered to fly and can be taken into any bearing on how you need it. 

The control separation goes up to an entrancing 3.6k and is perfect for traveling to any open space with over 70 minutes time span. 

The camera can be changed into little, medium or enormous pixels for aeronautical photography. The drone empowered cameras giving give a full HD live stream with 60 frames for each second. 

This current automaton’s 3 pivot stabilizer creates a clear picture with an obstructions evasion sensor. The security highlights will empower you to securely land without having a lot of weight on the engine. 

Key features:

  • Ultra-responsive motors
  • Accurate shootings
  • Propeller protection
  • Return to home capacity 
  • Can follow powerless signs for out of range places 
  • The optimized and movable 120-degree FPV camera 
  • Enjoy constant video recording 
  • Capture and store pictures 
  • One key take-off button
  • Automatically follows and more where you go 
  • Good for get-away, and occasions 
  • Provides hands-free flying 
  • Color LCD screen
  • Comes with client manual guide 
Pros Cons
Enhanced camera sensors Shorter battery life
LED lighting for night flights Assembly takes a lot of time
Live video
Carbon fiber durability
Stable and responsive controls
Provides broad flight understanding
Perfect for newcomers

Users score: 4.1/5 

10) SNAPTAIN S5C 720p HD WIFI FPV drone

Gravity sensors, smart voice control, and barometer set high function

SNAPTAIN S5C Best Drones

you are searching for a drone that you would prefer not to go through an excessive amount of cash, at that point there is an incredible choice for you SNAPTAIN S5C 720p HD FPVdrone that accompanies unlimited features yet, also suits your pocket. 

This drone is steady and tractable, with powerful and safe ABS material and capacity and expert video and photograph users will leave paralyzed with its presentation. 

You need a remote transmission with a remote-controlled automaton that is inconceivably simple and G-sensor at that point model maybe can meet every one of your desires. 

When you get your hands on this drone you will 4 aerial pictures in mode and you can fly it on both day and night without stressing over the charge thanks to the trajectory flight mode.

One advantage that will make it extraordinary regarding working, is the capacity to tail you on account of to floating flight mode that takes the amusing to farther and clearer.

Key features: 

  • Allows you to catch HD quality recordings and pictures 
  • Max flight time is 45 minutes with a range of 800 meters 
  • User-friendly drone
  • LCD screen to make live recordings in FPV mode 
  • Controls can’t interfere with once set on signals 
  • The battery has extraordinary power
  • Quick take off from any point 
  • Headless mode 
  • Top class elevation position mode 
  • Failsafe work button 
Pros Cons
Offers 3 diverse flight modes Battery time is average
Comes with a long-range controller No auto-return feature
Mobile control ramble
Can be a good item for all materials due to the heavy-duty and a powerful motor
Extra battery life
4K stunning camera performance

Users score: 4.5/5

Best Drones Under 500 Buying Guide

How to choose the Best Drones Under 500 in 2020?

When you are searching for a drone, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind because you are spending money and your investment needs to meet with equal benefit.

A drone should be durable, offer decent battery life, gives a level of quality you need for images and videos.

Below we have listed some important factors before you purchase any drone that you will appreciate eventually.

1) The battery life:

One of the most common complaints about drones is having a poor battery life, and you don’t want to spend too many hours charging the drone for only to use for 4 to 6 minutes.

It is very necessary to look for a drone that comes with long battery life and common battery time should last from 20 to 25 minutes especially in the $500 price range.

You can also purchase additional batteries to help you flight longer and capture for a long time.

2) Camera quality:

Mostly a drone camera quality ranges from 720p or 1080p. This is only a matter of preference but a deciding factor revolves around all cameras needs to be HD where some are not.

Another major thing you need to look that the camera should have a wide-angle which allows you to look up the videos or pictures without any nuisance.

3) Take-off return:

Not many drones have this kind of special feature where they return from the place they took off. This factor can come handy if you don’t want to fly back and it will land safely on its own.

This is a kind of feature that you must watch out while buying a drone to support and you can take it without anywhere you want.

4) Hover-mode:

The hover mode allows drones to hover from a place to a certain height. It is often called a hands free feature and can be a perfect plus factor if you want to shot a picture with a drone from above. This is a must-have feature if you want to shoot sports or wildlife.

5) Speed:

Multiple speed is also an important factor when you are new to flying a drone. Having a slow speed not only eats battery for longer and but it also easier to control as well.

Some drones have at least 3-speed options available, and if you are a beginner use the slow speed first and then work your way to the top by exceeding spending limits.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Best Drones Under 500:

Q1) Are drones under $500 perfect for learning?

A: it is a tricky question, the reason is simple, drones that come under your budget features accurate hovering and incredibly stable to work in wind conditions. 

Most of them come with autonomous features to assist you in the pilot during the flights. They can be remotely controlled without the actual pilot’s input. 

On the other hand, they cost some bucks so if you damage it or get hit then you will have to get them repaired.

It is advised for beginners you can start flying a drone toy made of plastic, only to get the hang of it and then move onto high-end drone product.

Q2) Can you fly drones indoor and outdoor?

A: if you are just a beginner then your first should be a wide-open area to practice. However, if you know how to stable drone enough to fly indoors without any problem then you try it.

If you already have some experience then yes go for it, just be careful not to fly too high.


These are some interesting facts about Best Drones Under 500 that you can read and follow to get yourself a worthy drone.

Expert tip: If you are tired of carrying big, bulky cameras and want some lightweight and unique capturing experience then buying drones will justify your purchase. 

The above-mentioned drones are right to fit with your wallet that provides wonderful picture and video quality.

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