WEN 4212 Drill Press

WEN 4212 Drill Press Review

WEN 4212 Drill Press Reviews:

WEN 4212 drill press has a name in the market for being an efficient and valid product. It is a multipurpose device this is why it is preferable by the users. Handymen prefer it as the drill done by WEN is awesome and smooth. It is a well-made product this is why workers prefer it. WEN 4212 drill press is named as the powerhouse for the workshops for the handsome work it is doing for the customers. They say, hard materials are not trouble for WEN 4212 as it is doing very well in every way. It is a user’s friendly item that can make your work easy.

WEN 4208 Drill Press
WEN 4208 Drill Press

Compressions WEN 4212 vs 4214

WEN 4212 drill press is having high build quality as compared to the WEN 4214. It is having a well-developed sizing table for drill. WEN 4212 drill press is working at fast and fluent speed this is why it is liked by the audience. Maybe users found it noisy at times this is why they prefer WEN 4214 over WEN 4212 for the rationale.

WEN 4214 moves smoothly while rotating in between the front and back of the motor while WEN 4212 has a limited area to do the practice this is why it stops working at times. Still the design of WEN 4212 is convenient.

WEN 4212 vs WEN 4208

WEN 4212 drill press is having a handsome motor to work efficiently while WEN 4208 motor is durable for the long term. People believe that WEN 4212 has handy features this is why it seems more compatible. WEN 4212 is indeed a good bench-top drill while WEN 4208 gets down while down the holes for deep zones.

The variable speed feature of WEN 4212 is also liked for being smooth and working for long hours indeed. Although speed is good still WEN 4208 is liked for working better for the heavy-duty devices for the reason of durability and perfection.

WEN 4212 vs WEN 4210

WEN 4212 drill press has a rigid spindle which keeps on adding to the facility of motion during working hours while WEN 4210 has a spindle which is not an active one. the variable speed control feature of WEN 4212 is also liked by the users as it is enough powerful for wood as well as metal while it is seen that WEN 4210 is good for wood but at times does not show positive quality of work for metal stuff. The noisy voice of WEN 4212 drill press is troublesome but WEN 4210 is not that much noisy comparatively!

Review of WEN 4212 drill press

WEN 4212 drill press has earned a name in the market for being a handsome product in the market. It is having variable speed with the best result for all kinds of metals plus woods. This is why users may like it for being a quality addition indeed.

It is also having onboard storage which is liked by the users for laser precision. In addition it is having a perfect digital speed to readout the drill practices. It is a specific kind of drill which is supporting the idea of more and more drill comfort to the users.

Features WEN 4212 drill press

Tremendous features of WEN 4212 drill press are available to review but some of the popular ones are as under

Mechanical speed fixing

It is to set up the speed at ease. This feature is adding to the flux of speed. It is having a simple move of lever. It has a torque with the same power. The entire speed is ranging here for the purpose. It has no pulleys or belts to continue the process of charging by and by. It starts working quickly as it is starting the tasks.

Beveling table

It has a worktable adjustment at 45 degrees. WEN 4212 drill press is at right place for the consistent angled holes setup.

Ball bearings

The motor features the ball bearings as well in the WEN 4212 drill press. It is constructed and adjusted with a frame. The frame keeps the level of the drill in proper set up.

Depth fixing guard

The fixing guard is acting as adjustment guards. This is an accurate thing that is setting it on a repetitive basis. The drilling options are adjusted for the purpose. For more fixations, it works with more accuracy and adjustments. It keeps the length of the depth as per the needs of the work at a moment. Depths vary from one task to another, some need deep cuts while others ask for more.

Digital speed check

This feature is also working as a digital speed readout indeed. It is a set-up that is working with the mechanical variable speed feature and an induction motor. It readouts the running speed of the device so one may increment or decrease the speed as per demand of the work. It is a simple but fluent modus operandi to work at ideal speed as per the demands of the work.

Swing variable speed drill

This practice is known to the user as a laser centering device. This works for being a perfect WEN 4212 drill press for your powerhouse indeed. Laser precision may add to the perfection of work in the right manner. It has so soft drills that they seem like a cut in the butter swiftly. It is doing it at smooth speed with a swift tone indeed. It has a speed limit varying from 530 to 3,100 RPM which is as per the desires of the users.


WEN 4212 drill press is working as a decent device. It is having proper setup if the instructions will be followed accordingly. They are easy to assemble with a quiet and smooth motor which adds to the working quality of the device. It has a chunk with good quality. It has a spring-loaded with a key. It is truly a cheap drill which is drawing the holes in all kinds of sheets at ease. It is working for both the metal as well as wood in a proper manner.

WEN 4212 drill press is having two years warranty for the users. It is already a trustworthy product but still the guarantee is an additional feature for the purpose. Users may prefer it as a decent product at a decent price. Convenient features are also adding to its liking tendencies like it has the power to insert holes even in the proper steel areas as well. This feature makes it unique plus different.

It has good spacing while it is working on the standing table. It is supporting the user as a versatile machine because when the user is availing WEN 4212 drill press, he might be intending to use it on a variety of surfaces. These surfaces either be soft or hard. This drill is quite good at multitasking as well. This is why most of the users prefer it as it is the true powerhouse for their workshops. It is good for plywood as well as hard metal at the same time, for instance.

Two years warranty is a generous feature which is supporting the true spirit of work, these increments the confidence level of the buyer so he may go for it with high zeal. People have positive response and excellent experiences this is why it has earned a name in the market place. It is becoming trustworthy with the flow of time to have it at their shops for market purpose as well as home for domestic use.


  • WEN 4212 drill press is smooth in drilling functions this is why users can have a strong grip over it.
  • It is working actively so the drill operations end up at a soft but fast pace.
  • It has two years of warranty which is supporting the user to go for it authentically.
  • It is having a gently fixable body which is adding to its adjustments plus set up power in a smooth manner.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty


  • It is noisy at times this is why user feels disturbed with it.
  • Sometimes it slips over the object which might be a dangerous thing indeed.


It is a fact that WEN 4212 drill press is a support for the user in multiple ways. It is factually a fast device that is helping the woodcutters as well as other users successfully. It is a slim device that works smoothly on a plethora of surfaces from the soft and gentle layer of plywood to the hardest body of the steel.

It seems a low priced device but surprisingly two years’ warranty sounds a support for the buyer as he may feel more trustworthy and sure about the device while switching for it. He may use it confidently on all kinds of surfaces to have more experience with it. It will work excellently but the only issue will be a bit of noisy environment, this can be controlled as well with the support of proper speed maintenance with the aid of laser displays provided by the company in the product.

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